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Build your own GraphQL APIs via SQL. Indexing and analytics. On-chain and off-chain. Institutional-grade.
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How ZettaBlock Works


Product TypeFull-stack
subgraph-alikeIndexing ToolsAnalytics ToolsClickhouse
Complex Query Patterns (e.g, Join, Group By)
Low-latency APIs (<50ms)
On/Off-Chain Unification
Streaming Support



Comprehensive Data Coverage

Break on chain and off-chain data silo, ensure high quality data richness and completeness across 12+ blockchains to cater to common Web3 use cases and business value needs.

Curated Data Schemas

Skip the hassle of parsing data schemas. Our DataHub offers pre-parsed and refined structures for balances, transactions, NFTs, and DEX activities, optimized for institutional use and saving you hundreds of development hours.

Prebuilt API Suite

Fast-track development with our ready-to-use GraphQL and REST APIs, covering essential Web3 use cases.

Unify Private Off-Chain Data

Effortlessly augment our extensive datasets with your proprietary data. Our platform supports simple CSV uploads and direct data ingestion, allowing you to merge private labels or other data points with our rich datasets.

Advanced Data Decoding

Pristine Web3 data seconds after block finality. Industry leading decode rate on log and trace tables (97%+ decode rate on Ethereum logs) across 9 chains and counting.

Community Driven Contributions

Choose between queries, APIs and tables contributed by the community. Fork their creations to further customize for your own needs and business logic.


Custom APIs

Build custom APIs with a choice of SQL, GraphQL, or REST endpoints. Support for custom logic without compromising on latency (<100ms latency), reliability (99.95% SLA) or performance (1,000+ qps).

Real-Time Event Triggers

Set up triggers for blockchain events, and receive notifications to act swiftly on critical changes.

Seamless Real-Time Data Streaming

Integrate live blockchain data into your systems for real-time updates to power your application and keep users engaged.

Enterprise-Grade Features

Trust in our enterprise-ready platform, with advanced security and robust data privacy protocols such as multi-tenancy.

Access Data with JBDC Connectors

Integrate with your existing tech stack across messaging, marketing services, product analytics, and data visualization/dashboard tools.

Reduce 98%+ Costs with Incremental Refresh

Avoid scanning the entire blockchain history to maintain datasets. Incremental refresh is natively supported to minimize costs 98%+.


Deploy auto-scaling APIs that grow with your user base, ensuring smooth operation during demand spikes.


Streamline building with our AI that turns natural language into SQL and auto-selects the fastest query engine to ensure maximized efficiency.


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