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ZettaBlock is an institutional-grade, full-stack data platform merges on-chain with private off-chain data-powered to expedite data-driven Web3 application development.

Our core mission is to empower developers by completely removing the barriers associated with data and infrastructure challenges. Put simply, we handle infrastructure headaches so that developers can get back to what they do best: building cutting-edge Web3 applications that will bring the next billion users to Web3.

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ZettaBlock: The Data Infrastructure at the Forefront of Next-Gen Web3 Applications - Smartcon Talk

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Nasdaq TradeTalks Interview with ZettaBlock’s Co-Founder & CEO, Chi Zhang

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HashKey Space Homerun @ Token 2049 | Panel: The Future of Smart Contracts and Data Scaling

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How Developer Tooling Shapes Landscape | KBW2023

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KBW Women in Tech 2023, featuring Chi Zhang

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Master Web3 Security & ML with ZettaBlock and Forta - Developer Live Session

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Building a GraphQL API in minutes (MetricsDAO workshop)

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