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ZettaBlock is a one-stop blockchain data platform to make data indexing, querying, and sharing both easy and flexible.


Great for developers, traders, or anyone getting started.


Free access to:

  • 50 Million compute units
  • Build your own GraphQL API (non-realtime)
  • 1 request per second
  • Access to 12+ chains data
  • Access to data/ APIs/ queries/ dashboards
  • Unlimited queries/ charts/ dashboards
  • Discord support
  • 10MB data download per day
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Ultimate scalability for professional individuals working in web3.


Everything in Free, plus:

  • 100 Million compute units
  • 1 real-time GraphQL APIs built
  • 5 requests per second
  • CSV downloads 15 times
  • Auto-scaling at $6 / additional million CUs
  • Discord support
  • 1 GB data download per day
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Volume pricing and enterprise support for institutional use cases.

Everything in Build, plus:

  • Custom compute units
  • Custom GraphQL APls built
  • Custom data ETL pipelines
  • CSV data upload
  • Unlimited CSV data Downloads
  • Committed use discounts
  • Custom SLAs
  • 400+ requests per second
  • Custom data limit for Data Lake APIs
  • Custom ETL pipeline sync frequency
  • Premium Onboarding and Support
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