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Evan Cheng

Co-founder & CEO

ZettaBlock’s real-time data capabilities have been instrumental in scaling Sui’s adoption, bridging the Web2 and Web3 worlds seamlessly. With ZettaBlock’s custom APIs, Sui developers and builders can craft various use cases and build the next generation of applications leveraging innovations like zkLogin and zkSend for exponential adoption of Web3.

Osman Sarman

Senior Manager of Ecosystem Growth

Utilizing ZettaBlock has been a game-changer for the Polygon ecosystem. Their enterprise-grade infrastructure solutions have unlocked new levels of on-chain and off-chain data accessibility and reliability. ZettaBlock equips developers with the tools they need to build new innovate dApps confidently. Our data team now leverages ZettaBlock’s abstraction layer tables for timely, detailed insights into our protocols, ensuring our ecosystem not only grows but thrives.

Bowen Li

Principle Engineer

Partnering with ZettaBlock has empowered EigenLayer developers with real-time blockchain data. It's a game-changer enabling unprecedented agility, stability, and performance in our development process.

Terence Chen

Product, DeFi Wallet

ZettaBlock's prebuilt APIs have been instrumental for in streamlining real-time balance and price data access, significantly cutting costs and reducing our infrastructure overhead. This solution has not only helped us avoid the challenges of data silos but also enhanced our user experience with its low-latency performance, leading to improved retention and satisfaction.

Melissa Zhang


By partnering with ZettaBlock, Bonfire has dramatically cut through the clutter of data silos, particularly in the NFT space. Their decoded abstraction layer tables have streamlined our access to the latest NFT and token data, slashing infrastructure overhead and costs. The integration of their low-latency customizable APIs into our app to display user specific metrics has improved our developer speed significantly and allowed us the flexibility we couldn't find with any other data provider.

Nirmal Krishnan

Head of Engineering

ZettaBlock is the best crypto indexing service out there by far. The service is high SLA, extremely performant, and quick to set up: you can go from SQL to a production-grade API in 5 minutes. Plus, the team has the best bedside manner - Scott, Chi, and the rest of the team are always available to step in when you need help. If you’re looking for a crypto data solution, look no further than Zettablock!

Andrew Beal

Head of Ecosystem

ZettaBlock's Data Lake and GraphQL APIs are pivotal in enhancing the training efficiency of machine learning models for scam detection. Opting for ZettaBlock's fully managed backend, as opposed to an entirely in-house solution, not only significantly streamlines engineering operations but also allows teams to devote more time to advancing threat detection innovations.

Charles Wayn

Co-Founder & CEO

ZettaBlock has been super helpful in overcoming Galxe's challenges with frequent data reorgs and monitoring chains like Solana and Polygon. By replacing The Graph with ZettaBlock's real-time NFT ownership updates through prebuilt APIs and webhooks, we've achieved a new level of efficiency and reliability. ZettaBlock's access to historical NFT data allows us to dissect past trends and refine our strategies for user acquisition, identifying key metrics and OG wallets with precision.

ZettaBlock Platform

for Every Use Case


Prices and Swaps

Access real-time price feeds and 24-hour swap activity with our prebuilt APIs.

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Asset Dashboard

Aggregate and visualize user transaction history, NFT holdings, and protocol interactions.

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New Trending Pairs

Find new trending liquidity pool contracts.

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Liquidity Pool Analysis

Deep dive into liquidity pool dynamics.

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Token Transfers Monitoring

Understand flows and volumes of different tokens across various exchanges.

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Threat Detection & Auditing

Real-Time On Chain Security

Train an ML model with historical data and detect on-chain scams as they happen.

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NFTs / Gaming

Trending Games

Stay ahead with real-time stats from the hottest games.

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NFTs / Gaming

NFT Ownership

Leverage our prebuilt APIs for detailed insights into NFT ownership trends.

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Network Insights

Gain granular insights into network health with chain-based analytics.

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Empower your Web3 applications with real-time, decoded data across 12+ blockchains, 500+ datasets, and a suite of prebuilt APIs, incorporated with private data.

Token API
Transaction API
Balance API
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Transform, filter and stream data in any shape to anywhere you want via customize low-latency APIs. Index 100X faster than subgraphs, with analytics use cases supported.

API Builder
Analytics Studio
Real-time Streaming
Real-time Triggers
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Why ZettaBlock?

Comprehensive Web3 Data

Break on chain and off-chain data silo, ensure high quality data richness and completeness across 12+ blockchains to cater to common Web3 use cases and business value needs.

Highly Flexible Development

Accelerate your app development process by leveraging our extensive library of pre-built APIs, alongside the capability to build custom APIs and tables for complex requirements.

Real-time Data Streams

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time data streamed directly to your database or warehouse, and notifications that provide timely updates on critical changes and developments in your Web3 ecosystem.

Enterprise Grade Assurance

Our solutions are tailored for institutional needs, encompassing data privacy, advanced security, horizontal scalability, multi-tenant support for collaboration, and SLAs for reliable performance.


Chains Supported


Transactions since genesis


Web3 high-quality datasets


p50 data freshness


API latency response time

Customer Success Stories

Pioneering Al-powered Security in the Web3 Ecosystem

Forta's ML bots, powered by ZettaBlock's Data Lake, detect real-time threats in Web3 by analyzing historical data patterns of scams. ZettaBlock’s GraphQL API facilitates integration, eliminating the need for Forta to handle heavy data infrastructures. This collaboration led to 4,500+ nodes with 400+ active bots, speeding up Forta's market entry and enhancing Web3 security.

ZettaBlock Powers Polygon zkEVM to Win the Race to the Next Billion Web3 Users

By simplifying access to decoded on-chain data and offering customizable indexing solutions, ZettaBlock has enabled developers to create real-time, analytical, and enterprise dApps with ease. As a result, Polygon devs can reduce their development time by 95% and ensure data freshness within 1-2 seconds post-block finality, fostering the growth of real-time Web3 applications built on zkEVM.

Revolutionizing DeFi:'s Wallet Evolution Powered by ZettaBlock

ZettaBlock’s solutions empower’s DeFi wallet, enabling over $1M in savings and enhancing user retention by 6% with the freshest data for 4000+ tokens. The Degen Arcade leverages ZettaBlock’s prebuilt APIs for real-time balances and prices, supporting over 80 million users with low-latency, high-quality data, and zero management effort for data pipelines.

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